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Ítaca Sevilla Hotel | Seville

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Ítaca Sevilla Hotel can be found on the street: Santillana 5, in the heart of Seville. It boasts an incredible location near to some of Seville’s most remarkable landmarks like the Cathedral, Giralda, Alcazar, Archivo de Indias (the place that stores the valuable archival documents detailing the history of the Spanish Empire), the Santa Cruz district, Plaza de la Encarnacion and other must-sees.

Ítaca Sevilla Hotel lies 400 metres away from a public car park and 10 minutes away by car from the airport, train station and Seville’s bus station.


  • Historical Centre
  • Metropol Parasol
  • Sierpes street
  • The Giralda
  • Real Alcázar de Seville

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